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Not on TicTok?  No worries, Michele Lewis Simmons has agreed to allow TMCGS to use her TikToc educational videos to help us all become better genealogists.

These are short (1-3 min) video tips with excellent content.  (Note: Michele is not soliciting new clients) 

Copyright Michele Simmons Lewis, AG, CG, used with permission.

Michele Lewis Simmons, AG, CG –

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Record Locations as They Were at Event Time, Location Names Change (1)

Always Protect Privacy of

Living Persons (2)

Answer DNA Emails Promptly (3)

Keep a Research Log on Each Ancestor

Alternative Name Spelling & More (4)

Get Letterhead for Snail Mail

Gets More Responses! (5)

Maintenance & Cloud Backup (6)

Genealogy is a Marathon ! (7)


Be Consistent (8)

Proofread Your Research (9)

Organizing Paper and Digital Files (10)

Citation of .jpg Files

Snagit or MS Paint (11)

Joining Societies – be selective (12)

Family Coat of Arms Companies

are a SCAM (13)

How to get Questions to Michele (14)

Keeping Notes (15)

Keep a Record of Each Ancestor’s

Name Spellings (16)

Fan Charts Are Useful in

Showing Research Gaps (17)

Don’t Just Copy Other Trees (18)

Assume People Lie (19)

FamilySearch Wiki is Great Resource

 for Listing Things to Check (20)

Microfilm Tips (21)

Reseearch Log

Note dates you check databases (22)

Some Databases have Gaps ! (23)

Online Databases Alway Adding (24)

Emigrant or Immigrant? (25)

Deeds – Grantor or Grantee (26)

DNA – Full or Half Identical ? (27)

Don’t Rely on Transcriptions (28)

Facebook Groups can be Great Tools (29)

Effective Search Tips (30)

How to Get a Question to Michele (31)

Great Website (32)

Citing Abstract Sources (33)

More Education Tips (34)

Was Grandma a Consort or Relic? (35)

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