How to Search FamilySearch Quickly to find what you want

Not on TicTok?  No worries, Michele Lewis Simmons has agreed to allow TMCGS to use her TikToc educational videos to help us all become better genealogists.

These are short (1-3 min) video tips with excellent content.  (Note: Michele is not soliciting new clients) 

Copyright Michele Simmons Lewis, AG, CG, used with permission.

Michele Lewis Simmons, AG, CG –

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Intro to Searching

Search => Records

This search box is only for indexed records – those that point to an original document

Many more Unindexed records

Search => Images

Criteria include places and dates

Search => Family Tree

Searches the Collaborative Tree

Others can change what you add

Use it for clues and Brick Walls

Search => Catalog

Favorite Search – Searchs all digital images – not just the indexed ones

Search using different criteria

Search => Books

Many work not in Public Domain, but author has given permission to FamilySearch

Search => Research Wiki

Get tips here before starting another country