Experimenting with CHAT GPT

What Is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is one of three software interfaces available to the public to experiment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.   The interfaces can interact as if it were human.  Ask it a question, you will receive an answer.  ChatGPT is at www.openai.com and  has large parts of the internet available (prior to September 2021) to research answers to your questions.  ChatGPT does not just copy what it finds on the internet, it synthesizes based upon what it finds and composes the  output to match your requests.  Chat GPT comes in a free version and a paid version.

The other two interfaces available are:

Google – BARD available at bard.google.com  Google’s play to create a smart interface is free for you to experiment with

Microsoft BING has a chat function to compete in the AI market.  To use, you must open bing.com in the Microsoft EDGE internet browser.  It will not work properly if you open bing.com in Chrome or another browser.

Comparing answers from the three services

openai was the first to make free access to experiment and it has been very successful.  My experiments showed that it generally provides the best output of the three free services.  You will need to create a login (I use my google gmail account to login).  Openai has a paid version that is newer and offers more of the internet as resources.  I asked each of the three services some questions to see how the output would vary.   Click on the question to see the outputs and the differences.

Provide 10 funny jokes based on genealogy  –  some are sure to tickle your funny bone or make you groan

  As you will see, the results varied, but openai had the most original content.  Google and Bing repeated some jokes from other genealogy site.

Provide 1000 word essay on the fun of genealogy.  This function has English teachers worried as it can be quite good.

  Bing gave up and provided only 253 words !

Provide the family tree for George Washington back 5 generations – Major differences in output between the three services !!

  openai looks like the winner