McLean County Birth Registry  1878 – 1887 (Volumes  I and II)

Volume I of the McLean County Births Registry begins February 11, 1878 with ?? Adams, a white female born in Chaney Grove as the second child of the mother.  Nationality and birthplace of the father, Farmer John Adams are unknown.  The mother was Lavina Belle Brewer Adams (age 24) who was born in McLean County, Illinois.  The medical attendent was James L. Ballard of Saybrook, Illinois.

This give a sample of the information provided in the McLean County Birth Registry.

We are happy to provide for your research a copy of Volume I which is labeled 1877-1881.  This volume is broken into 6 parts as they are data intensive.  Look thru a wide range of dates as some births were entered late, so the entries are not necessarily in the order of birth.  Some are entered months or years after the fact.

Volume 2 begins in 1884 and ends in 1887.  

All files are .pdf and will open in a new tab.

The McLean County Clerks site has a good index for finding birth information and you are encouraged to look there first.  The link to their site is:

McLean County Clerk:


Births Volume I    1877 – 1881 

 Volume begins 1878 and entries go out to 1884


Births Vol I_A – Letter A (1878) thru F (1879)

Births Vol I_B – Letter F (1879) thru M (1878)

Births Vol I_C – Letter M (1878) thru V (1879)

Births Vol I_D – Letter V (1879) thru F (1882)

Births Vol I_E – Letter F (1882) thru N (1884)

Births Vol I_F – Letter O (1881) thru Z (1884)

Volume I_A begins with A, but later in Volume I_D another section beginning with the letter A begins.  You will need to check both alphabetical sections of Volume I.

Births Volume II    1884 – 1887

 Volume begins 1884 and entries go out to March 1887

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Last Name A Thur M

Last Name Mc thur Z