Michele Simmons Lewis, AG, CG – Mad Hatter Genealogy

Not on TicTok?  No worries, Michele Simmons Lewis has agreed to allow TMCGS to use her TikToc educational videos to help us all become better genealogists.

These are short (1-3 min) video tips with excellent content.  (Note: Michele is not soliciting new clients)

Copyright Michele Simmons Lewis, AG, CG, used with permission.

Genealogist Michele Simmons Lewis,

AG, CG -< Click for Michele’s Facebook>

Rookie Mistakes

Tips for Rookies and Pro Alike

15 TikToks

A DNA New Case

Finding an Unknown Parent

11 TikToks

Searching FamilySearch

Lot of Tricks and Tips

7 – TikToks

Genealogy Helpdesk PSAs

60+ Tips