McLean County Marriage License Books 1833 – 1911

After you have used the Indexes to obtain the Book and Page number for the marriage, look it up in the volumes below. 

The books are data intensive and many were chopped into three pieces to enable uploading and downloading.


Marriage License Books

Book A begins 1831


Marriage License Books

Book M ends Feb 1912


Book A (Begins 1831)

Book I_1 (Dec 1877)

Book B (Jul 1840)

Book I_2 (Oct 1880)

Book C_1 (Jan 1851)

Book I_3 (Jan 1883)

Book C_2 (Feb 1857)

Book J_1 (Jul 1885)

Book C_3 (Mar 1857)

Book J_2 (Dec 1887)

Book D_1 (Jan 1859)

Book J_3 (Aug 1890)

Book D_2 (Apr 1861)

Book K_1 (Nov 1892)

Book D_3 (Jun 1863)

Book K_2 (Jun 1895)

Book E_1 (Jan 1865)

Book K_3 (Sep 1897)

Book E_2 (May 1866)

Book L_1 (Feb 1900)

Book E_3 (Jul 1867)

Book L_2 (Apr 1902)

Book F_1 (Jul 1868)

Book L_3 (Apr 1904)

Book F_2 ( Oct 1869)

Book M_1 (Apr 1906)

Book F_3 (Jan 1871)

Book M_2 (Jun 1907)

Book G_1 (May 1872)

Book M_3 (Aug 1909)

Book G_2 (Jun 1873)

Book H (Jul 1874)