Society History – For a detailed year by year chronology – click here

In January of 1966. the newly formed society of genealogical interest completed it’s organization with the adoption of by-laws and electing its first officers. Elinor Wetter became the first President of the Bloomington-Normal Genealogical Society and her staff consisted of: Lula Paul as Vice-president, Doris Hilton as Secretary, Betty Hering as Treasurer, Betty Lovekamp as Program Chairman, Ruth Carpenter as Corresponding Secretary and Rachel Lundeen as Advisor.

Twenty four Charter Members were pronounced and accepted as follows:

Ruth Carpenter
Bernadine Chariton
Iris Deems
Lucille Flanagan
Margaret Goeway
Helen Harris
Betty Hering
Doris Hilton
Muriel Hoffman
Betsy Light
Louise Love
Betty Lovekamp

Rachel Lundeen
Josephine Munro
William Munro
Louise Muxfeld
Myrna Park
Lula Paul
Anna Pisell
Leroy Shutes
Donna Smith
Alice Steinberg
Elinor Wetter
Vivian Zook

When the Withers Public Library ceased to be interested in shelving the books of new Bloomington-Normal Genealogical Society, the membership found the Normal Public Library receptive to taking in their collection.  By early fall 1966 patrons of the Normal Library could view the books of the Society but only Society members could check out those particular books. At the end of 1966 the Society book collection had doubled from member contributions.  And the Society membership had increased to 40 serious Genealogists.

Our Presidents !

1966 Elinor Wetter
1967 Myrna Park
1968 Myrna Park
1969 Barbara Wright
1970 Barbara Wright
1971 Marian Spratt
1972 Beatrice Armstrong
1973 Beatrice Armstrong
1974 Doris Hilton
1975 Elizabeth Masters
1976 Ruth Cope
1977 Ruth Cope
1978 Esther Hannon
1979 Esther Hannon
1980 Joy Craig
1981 Joy Craig
1982 Joy Craig
1983 Peggy Fuller
1984 Peggy Fuller
1985 Betty Waugh
1986 Betty Waugh

1987 George Perkins
1988 George Perkins
1989 Dortha Russell
1990 Paul Benjamin
1991 Paul Benjamin
1992 Donna Jenkins
1993 Donna Jenkins
1994 Mary E. Veselack
1995 Mary E. Veselack
1996 Reva Merrick
1997 Reva Merrick
1998 Charles M. Lamlein
1999 Charles M. Lamlein
2000 Candace Leatherman
2001 Candace Leatherman
2002 George Perkins
2003 Carol Harrington
2004 Carol Harrington
2005 Mary Scott
2006 Mary Scott
2007 Neil Sallee

2008 Neil Sallee
2009 Sara Cushing
2010 Sara Cushing
2011 Judith Myers
2012 Judith Myers
2013 Ardys Serpette
2014 Ardys Serpette
2015 Pat Perkins
2016 Pat Perkins
2017 Ardys Serpette
2018 Ardys Serpette
2019 Pat Perkins
2020 Pat Perkins
2021 Pat Perkins
2022 Pat Perkins