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Not on TicTok?  No worries, Michele Lewis Simmons has agreed to allow TMCGS to use her TikToc educational videos to help us all become better genealogists.

These are short (1-3 min) video tips with excellent content.  (Note: Michele is not soliciting new clients) 

Copyright Michele Simmons Lewis, AG, CG, used with permission.

Michele Lewis Simmons, AG, CG –

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Giving Back with Find a Grave (36)

Be consistent in logging names, dates, & locations (37)

Research – Break it down, Do it in Steps Pt 1  (38)

Research – Break it Down, Do it in Steps Pt 2  (39)

Research – Break it down, Do it in Steps Pt. 3  (40)

DNA is only one piece of the puzzle  (41)

Don’t be an Ancestor Collector (42)

Some Lucky Counties Survived the 1890 Census Fire (43)

FAN club for a Brick Wall (44)

“Removed” Explained (45)

Frequent Sales on DNA kits !  (46)

Black’s Law Dictionary for legal terms (47)

FamilySearch WIKI for latin word list  (48)

Michele’s TikToc Profile Page (49)

FastFox can save time (50)

Dragon Naturally Speaking – another time saver (51)

Timeline Tips (52)

DNA – Free upload sites  (53)

“Release of Dower” explained (54)

Official Census Date vs Actual Census Date (55)

“Codicils” explained (56)

Get Dedicated Email for Genealogy (57)

Best Email Practices (58)

GEDMATCH email example (59)

DNA – Kit Setting (60)

Labeling downloaded jpg files (61)

Labeling downloaded pdf file (62)

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