These films from the National Archives are about 10 minutes each and show many aspects of WW I.

Some of the films are captured German movies.

Reel 1. Captured German movie shorts

Crown Prince of Germany and some of his family, German soldiers, unidentified folks, General Von Hindenberg, soliers with spiked helmets, German Cavalry on the march, combat, motorcycle brigade


Reel 2. Mix of German, French, and others

Germans advancing, horse drawn wagon train, French army defending, French refugees, Railway gun, German front line Somme, France 1916, German Railway motor car, German Artillery



Reel 3.  US army Signal Corps  and German movies

Machine guns on front lines, Belgian peasants give up cattle, German plane getting ready, German bomb run and dogfight



Reel 4. German movies

British tanks captured at Cambrai,  Kaiser Wilhelm, Italian supply train – horse drawn, Italian prisoners,




Reel 5.

French prisoners carried wounded, German prison camp (biased footage), Turkish soldiers in front line trench, camels used in battle