The McLean County Poor Farm Cemetery


The McLean County Genealogical Society has done extensive research on the McLean County Poor Farm cemetery and published information in prior and current issues of Gleanings.

The McLean County Museum of History has archived many of the original records and has extensive information on their website.  Our thanks to them for all they do.

Vol 3 Number 4 – Winter 1970.  First of two part series by Betty Hering with year by year chronology of deaths and interments – from looking at original records

Vol 4 Number 1 – Spring 1971.  Second of two part series by Berry Hering.

Vol 38 Number 2 – Fall 2004.  Extensive article on the history of the Poor Farm by William P. LaBounty.

Vol 41 Number 1 – Spring 2007.  Poor farm Census data analyzed and items from The Pantagraph by Nola Marquardt.

Vol 54 Number 1 – Winter 2021.  Reprint of LaBounty article from 2004 and announcement of spreadsheet of data collected by Cheryl Budde (see below).

Find a Grave has turned into an information clearing house for interments in the County Farm cemetery.  Many of the first memorials created for the County Farm Cemetery were done using information published in the Gleanings.  Over the years many additional memorials have been created by researchers using The Pantagraph, Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths 1916-1947, Death Certificate, and other sources.

What is presented here is an Excel file of interments with information from multiple sources. Cheryl Budde created this Excel table adding additional rows for each interment crediting the information source.  Not all sources agree, so it is left up to the researcher as to which is best.  While formatting the table to hopefully have it uploaded and online, I continued that research and added rows with any new information.  While checking The Pantagraph for hits on “Death at County Farm” and  “Death at Poor Farm”, I added several memorials to Find a Grave.

The file  currently available for download is not yet completed and under construction.  Some results of the research to date were: Elimination of a memorial from Find a Grave as the person was actually interred in Evergreen Cemetery;  adding several memorials based upon Pantagraph articles,  and elimination of several duplicate memorials with different names/spellings.

I want to thank all of you who are doing research on this cemetery, especially The Lexington Genealogy and History Society, who added several memorials this year.  If you have a suggestions or corrections, please email us.


Clicking on the image to the left open the file and allow downloading.