George Washington Genealogy – “Provide the family tree for George Washington back 5 generations.”

Certainly! Here is a simplified family tree for George Washington going back five generations:

1. George Washington (1732-1799) Spouse: Martha Dandridge Custis (1731-1802) Children: None
2. Augustine Washington (1694-1743) Spouse: Mary Ball (1708-1789) Children:

George Washington (1732-1799)
Samuel Washington (1734-1781)
John Augustine Washington (1736-1787)
Charles Washington (1738-1799)
Mildred Washington (1739-1740

3. Lawrence Washington (1659-1698) Spouse: Mildred Gale (1671-1701) Children:

Mildred Warner Washington (1671-1701)
Col. Joseph Ball (1649-1711)
Mary Washington (1661-1722)
John Washington (1661-1697)
Capt. Lawrence Washington (1659-1698)

4. Lt. Col. John Washington (1631-1677) Spouse: Anne Pope (1635-1668) Children:
Lawrence Washington (1659-1698)
John Washington (1661-1697)
Anne Washington (1662-1697)
Mildred Gale (1663-1701)
Col. Joseph Ball (1649-1711)

5. Lawrence Washington (1602-1653) Spouse: Amphyllis Twigden (1606-1653) Children:

Col. John Washington (1631-1677)
Anne Washington (1631-1685)
Lawrence Washington (1635-1677)
William Washington (1636-1685)

Please note that this is a simplified representation of George Washington’s family tree, focusing on the direct paternal line. It does not include all the siblings and extended family members. – “Provide the family tree for George Washington back 5 generations.”

Sure, here is the family tree for George Washington back 5 generations:

Generation 1

  • John Washington (1631-1677)
  • Anne Pope Washington (1637-1681)

Generation 2

  • Lawrence Washington (1659-1698)
  • Frances Jones Washington (1660-1726)

Generation 3

  • Augustine Washington I (1694-1743)
  • Mary Ball Washington (1708-1789)

Generation 4

  • George Washington (1732-1799)
  • Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (1731-1802)

Generation 5

  • John Augustine Washington (1736-1787)
  • Hannah Bushrod Washington (1735-1801)
  • Charles Washington (1738-1799)
  • Elizabeth “Betty” Washington Lewis (1733-1797)
  • Samuel Washington (1734-1781)

As you can see, George Washington had no children of his own, so his family tree ends with him. However, he had numerous siblings and half-siblings, and there are many descendants of the Washington family today. –  opened in Microsoft Edge Browser   “Provide the family tree for George Washington back 5 generations.”

George Washington did not have children of his own1He inherited step-children from Martha that he would raise as his own1. Therefore, there is no direct family tree for George Washington. However, you can find more information about his family members on websites such as and