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Hey, Rand is related to George Washington !

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Back in the Day

 February 8 Edition

 The Groundhog Day Blizzard 1883

Rev. Frederick Hawley, Verna Edwards, ISU Graduates


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Rand learns from FamilySearch he is related to

George Washington !  You may be too.  Open

an account at, enter in your tree

going back to Great grandparents. 

Then goto: to see your famous relatives!

(P.S. George and I are only cousins, I am not a direct decendent)


Fellow historians –

It seems that wherever you live, you probably experienced some winter weather this season. (This newsletter goes far beyond the borders of McLean County.) So with Groundhog Day coming this Thursday, I wrote a story about the Groundhog Day storm of 1883. Hope you enjoy it in the warmth of your own space.

Full disclosure: the home in the picture was mine in 1978. The piles of snow were the work of my snow shovel and me. Funny thing about those manual shovels: they start every time.

Our next newsletter will come out February 15, with more local history stories but without the news of 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago. But you will find a gem or two in the new material as well – perhaps even a chuckle. I saved these stories over the years, not imagining I would have a newsletter with which to share them.

It’s twelve degrees outside, so stay warm wherever you are.

Regards — Jack

The New Gleanings is available in the members area!

Special thanks to Susie Pope and Cheryl Budde for their contributions in making this issue happen !

–McLean County veterans  highlighted

–McLean County Major League Baseball players

— General Harbord and his street

—  The German Evangelical Lutheran church that merged into

— Milo Custer – stone readings from City Cemetery 1911

— Caution needed when using near original sources


Bill Iseminger presents great Civil War info

“From McLean to Mobile” The story of the 94th Illinois Infantry from McLean County

Bill tells interessting tales of his relatives from McLean County fighting in the Civil War.

The original recording had audio trouble, but Bill was gracious and recorded an entirely new presentation.

Pick up a copy of Bill’s book at the Museum or on AMAZON


Watch and enjoy it here:


Join Jack for his book signing at the McLean County Museum of History

February 11, 2023

2:00 – 3:00 pm


Echoes of Purple and Gold is available in the Musuem shop

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New book online – Harry Waite’s Veterans of the Spanish American War Interred in McLean County


 MCGS general meetings are FREE to the public.  With COVID, our meetings have been taking place via ZOOM.  Recent topics have been:

Mimi Davis – New Databases at Bloomington Public Library – Available to members.

Susan Kaufman – Unusual Sources – Available to members.

Tina Beaird – Illinois Digital Resources, Census  Sensei – Available to members.

Jane Haldeman – Final Resting Place – The Stones Tell the Story, My Ancestor was a Farmer.

Lisa Louise Cook – Finding our Inner Private Eye – Locating Living Relatives (’til Feb 14)


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Lisa Louise Cooke – Finding your Inner Private Eye – Locating Living Relatives

    Nationally known presenter Lisa presents how to find your living relatives 

     Originally presented as general meeting on January 17, 2023

    This program is available to members only until February 16, 2023 !   

Tina Beaird Presents “Illinois Digital Resources”

    Tina Beaird is owner of Tamarack Genealogy and is a history librarian in the Chicago area.  

    This program is a “fire hose” of information.  Fortunately you can pause the presentation anytime to make notes on the two handouts provided.  So much of what is available is digital and Tina shows us where to look to find information that does not automatically pop up as a hint. Two handouts are available.  Log in or join now to view this program in the member’s area.   

If you missed Tina Beaird’s presentation “Becoming a Census Sensei”, please login or join now to view it in the member’s area under Presentations!  

It is a wonderful program and has so much information.  I love being able to pause the video to make notes on the handout when I need to process  something.

  Tina is an author, lecturer, and owner of Tamarack Genealogy.  She holds an MLS with a specification in archives preservation and often lectures at conferences both local and national.

   National, State, Special, Education, and Indian censuses are discussed !

Susan Kaufman Presents “Unusual Sources”

    Susan Kaufman is Senior Manager  at the Houston Public Library.  

    This interesting program presents unusual sources of information that you will not find easily.  Have an interest in History?  Check out the listing of all Civil War soldiers to receive an artificial limb.  This is just one of the many sources Susan illuminates.  A downloadable handout is available.  Log in or join now to view this program in the member’s area. 

Mimi Davis Presents “New Databases at BPL”

    Mimi Davis is the Electronic Resources Librarian at the Bloomington Public Library (BPL).  Learn about the new Genealogy Databases available.

    BPL has two new databases “Heritage Hub” and “Black Life in America” that are rich with genealogical information.  BPL cardholders can access these information sources from home. The slide program is available as a downloadable file.   Log in or join now to view this program in the member’s area.  


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    McLean County Poor Farm – new information with a spreadsheet available in the members area.

    An article by McLean County Museum of History librarian Bill Kemp on McLean County auctioneers.

    We remember Ruth Carpenter, a life member who contributed extensively to MCGS, by reprinting her nursing story.  This story highlights the excellent content in past issues of Gleanings.

    A look at research methods to add someone to Find a Grave.

    Researching a poem written for a local family.

    Special thanks to Susie Pope and others for their work on this issue.

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